Roots Location List Name Finder

This is an interface to the March 1998 release of the Roots Location List. Type in a location, hit the carriage return or enter key on your keyboard, and a list of people researching that location will be returned.

How to Search

A location may be a country, region (province, state, shire), county, or town. The finder searches from biggest to smallest, so make sure not to enter a state name after a town name, for example.

Suppose you want to find people researching Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee. Entering "TN" yields everyone searching anywhere in the state. Entering "Washington" yields people searching in any location by that name, including Washington DC and the county in TN (but not the state of Washington as a whole, which is found by its code, "WA"). To get a better fit, enter a combination, such as "TN,Wash."

Hints: If you don't find your exact location, extend your search to a higher level. For example, if there is no Jonesboro, try Washington (county) next.

The wildcards ? (for single characters) and * (for any arbitrary string of characters) are allowed. Except for the wildcard characters, all non-alphabetic characters will be stripped from the search string.

Contributing Your Locations

For further information about the RLL and how to contribute to it, please see the README, then submit to Suzanne Badenhop .

WWW Interface created by Stephen A. Wood.

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