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 USA,TX 1787-1927 robbins
 USA,TX,AndersonCo 1847-1860 rusty
 USA,TX,AndersonCo 1890-now harwood
 USA,TX,BastropCo 1830-now lwilson
 USA,TX,BexarCo,San Antonio 1850-now sharpton
 USA,TX,BellCo 1850-now harwood
 USA,TX,CassCo 1850-now dana
 USA,TX,CherokeeCo,CityRusk 1850-1880 marti
 USA,TX,Childress,Childress 1850-now sharpton
 USA,TX,ComancheCo 1860-1920 marti
 USA,TX,DeWittCo 1850-1925 wallym
 USA,TX,FanninCo 1870-1900 buckl
 USA,TX,FayetteCo 1817-1860 wallym
 USA,TX,GillespieCo 1846-now debbie
 USA,TX,GillespieCo 1846-now debbie
 USA,TX,GonzalesCo 1829-1880 wallym
 USA,TX,HarrisCo,Houston 1922-1943 norman
 USA,TX,HendersonCo 1850-now harwood
 USA,TX,HoodCo 1800-1900 kimber
 USA,TX,HopkinsCo 1840-present aflc
 USA,TX,HuntCo 1840-present aflc
 USA,TX,KaufmanCo 1847-1872 sherwood
 USA,TX,KendallCo 1846-now debbie
 USA,TX,KendallCo 1846-now debbie
 USA,TX,LamarCo 1840-now ronb 
 USA,TX,LamarCo 1870-now buckl
 USA,TX,LavacaCo 1830-1880 wallym
 USA,TX,LimestoneCo 1875-1885 hbeck
 USA,TX,LlanoCo 1880-1890 hbeck
 USA,TX,MilamCo 1875-1933 annd
 USA,TX,MontagueCo 1870-1920 buckl
 USA,TX,RockwallCo 1872-1890 sherwood
 USA,TX,Tarrant Co tam
 USA,TX,TarrantCo,Bedford 1850-1900 hornbeck
 USA,TX,TravisCo 1885-1910 harwood
 USA,TX,VanZandtCo 1895-1914 sherwood
 USA,TX,WashingtonCo 1845-1900 harwood

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